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Your One-Stop Composite Shop in South Africa

Allied Fibreglass is a renowned supplier of GRP/FRP raw materials and composite products in South Africa. They offer swimming pool fibre lining, waterproofing, mould making, boat building, and serve the construction industry as well as the film industry of South Africa. Products Offered by Allied Fibreglass: Allied Fibreglass supplies various types of raw materials as well… Read More »


Popular Roofing Specialists from South Africa

Elegant Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in South Africa. The expert roof specialists of the company offer trusses, roof covering services and installation services for their clients. Elegant Roofing works with certified wood suppliers who source their wood from reliable sources. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing tailor-made, top-quality timber roof… Read More »


Premier Automotive Detailing Company

Flynn’s Auto Detailing is one of the premier automotive detailing companies in South Africa, offering high-quality services at the most competitive rates.  The company specialises in different services which include paint correction, refinement as well as protection. The company is founded by Michael Flynn, whose immense love and obsession with cars helped him turn his passion… Read More »


GetSavvi Health’s Comprehensive Plan Offers Hospital and Medical Benefits

GetSavvi Health is a renowned healthcare products provider in South Africa. With a belief that affordable and quality healthcare should be accessible to all, the company strives to offer the best private medical facilities at competitive rates. To make its vision a reality, GetSavvi Health provides specially curated health insurance plans to South African citizens.… Read More »