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Rugged Mobile – More Than Just “Hard Shells”

Rugged Mobile is an authorised reseller of the Handheld Group product range. The company prides themselves on their mobile device’s quality: being rugged from the inside out. These mobile devices pass numerous military grade tests to prove their ruggedness. Their products withstand many environmental aspects, such as humidity, extreme temperatures, and sand and dust exposure. These… Read More »


Stumbelbloc – Plastic Brick Mould Specialists

Stumbelbloc is an innovative company, who possess a patent-registered, unique product that increases construction site efficiency and empowers local communities. The product can be used to build a range of structures, from ponds to houses, and requires little skill to use. Thus, proving to be useful in countries such as South-Africa, Brazil and Thailand. Smaller, developing… Read More »


Your trusted medical plastic retailers

Spicoly Medical CC are plastic manufacturers and distributors for the medical industry, they supply a host of products to various hospitals throughout the Western Cape. They are located in Kraaifontein Industria, Cape Town. They are a division of Spicoly Plastics CC, which has been running for over fifteen years. The medical division of Spicoly Plastics CC… Read More »


One-stop shop for all your construction needs

Speedworx has many years of experience in South Africa as specialist contractors. They have a wide range of specialised services. They service the industrial, residential and commercial sectors. They believe in offering flexible and reliable services to their customers. Their services are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency. Additionally, they support non-profit organisations with a… Read More »