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The Ultra Bright Lighting You Need

When emergency personnel are in the field, they have critical, often time-sensitive jobs to do. There is no time to deal with inefficient lighting, no time to worry about your sight being diminished. When there is a crisis of some sort occurring in real time, the brave professional men and women who serve our communities… Read More »


Get Your Dash Warning Lights from Ultra Bright Lightz

Your emergency vehicles depend on the reliability of their emergency lighting to see and be seen in hazardous conditions where communication is key. Ready for ice and snow, hurricanes and thunderstorms, congestion and other hazardous conditions, or even just a nondescript evening on the job, the top quality LED lights from Ultra Bright Lightz are… Read More »


Police Dash Lights and More at Ultra Bright Lightz

Maintaining a fleet of emergency vehicles is not only a trying task but of paramount importance to public safety and to ensuring an effective response to the exigencies that arise. Naturally, there is the routine maintenance that accompanies any vehicle whether commercial or private. Oil changes, engine repairs, and tire replacement are only the tip… Read More »


Outfit Your Truck with Lights You Can Count On

Emergency service workers are some of the most trusted and dependable individuals in our society today. When there is a crisis at hand, you need someone you can count on to provide the proper care and even save lives. Whether you are a part-time volunteer or a careerist, having the right emergency lights is critical… Read More »