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Go With Ultra Bright Lightz for Your Emergency Dash Lights

Running a fleet of emergency vehicles comes with quite a lot of responsibilities. Managing hazardous conditions, navigating perilous terrain, and developing strategies to approach crises are only a few of these. Buying and installing emergency vehicle lighting shouldn’t be one. Unfortunately, it is, and that’s why Ultra Bright Lightz is such a breath of fresh… Read More »


Police Lights for Sale with UltraBrightLightz

When we are on the roadways, we look for police lights to alert us of situations. It’s part of being safe on the road and avoiding creating further incidents. It’s inevitable that things will happen to drivers. Accidents happen, road work needs to be done as wear and tear takes place and sometimes this happens… Read More »


Firefight Light Bars and More at Ultra Bright Lightz

Spend any time around emergency crews, be they law enforcement officers, firefighters, or EMTs, and you will come to understand how urgent quick thinking, risk assessment, and time management are for these crews and the people who rely on the critical services they provide. You will also come to see that nowhere on the list… Read More »


Police Emergency Lights to Keep Your Roadways Safe

We see emergency vehicles every day. How do we know we see an emergency vehicle? It may be the logos and numbers on the sides and rear of the vehicle. However, usually, it is because we hear the sirens and see the flashing lights that we know an emergency vehicle is coming through to get… Read More »