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Get the Best Vape Tastes from Natural High VG E-Liquid

If you’re looking to get bigger clouds and smoother hits out of your favorite flavors then a Natural High Vg E-Liquid is the way to go. The higher the percentage of VG (vegetable glycerin) in your e-liquid, the more impressive clouds you’ll make because VG has a thicker consistency, which produces more vapor than PG bases.… Read More »


The Best E Liquid Comes from Velvet Cloud

Searching for that amazingly flavorful e liquid to vape is easy when you go to Velvet Cloud’s website where they have the Best E Liquid for vaping. Many others have discovered the delightful and tasty e liquid flavors offered by Velvet Cloud and they know it is the purity of the product and the incomparable flavors… Read More »


Choosing the Best of the Best E Liquid Flavors

Everyone is always looking for the best thing on the market, whether it’s the best car, the best restaurant, the best phone, or the Best E Liquid for vaping. We can’t tell you which car you should buy or where you should go on your next date, but when it comes to top tier vaping e… Read More »


The Best Dessert E Juice Flavors in the World

Craving something sweet? Barely holding yourself back from splurging at the local bakery? Don’t want to ruin your diet or rack up the calories? Well, we’ve got good news for you! With high-quality e juices from the one and only Velvet Cloud, you’ll be able to have your cake without having to eat it too!… Read More »


How to Find the Best E Liquid Flavors

Every vape connoisseur is on the hunt for the next best thing. Bigger and better flavors that can satisfy any craving and please any palate; all day vapes that are so good you’ll never want to put them away. These are the e liquids that all vapers dream of, and the kinds of flavors that… Read More »