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Rugged Mobile – Your one-stop rugged device shop

Rugged Mobile are specialists in rugged devices, their product range includes rugged handheld mobiles, tablets and computers. Rugged devices are made especially for harsh working conditions, as these devices are made to withstand water, dust, mud, sand and impact from dropping them. Rugged devices are made according to military standards (MIL-STD) and each Rugged Mobile device has… Read More »


Rugged Mobile – Specialists in Mobiles, Tablets & Computers

Rugged Mobile as a company makes sure their handheld products meet all the requirements of their users. They specialise in providing portable mobiles, tablets and computers for various uses. As the name suggests they mainly focus upon the durability of their products. The term ‘rugged’ is very dynamic and it serves a different purpose for… Read More »


Rugged Mobile: One-Stop Destination for Rugged Mobile Phones, Tablets

Rugged Mobile is a South-Africa based company that specialises in the supply of extremely durable Mobile Phones, Notebooks and Tablets which are known to offer unmatched toughness. These Phones and Tablets serve a wide variety of uses. The Mobiles, Tablets and Smartphones offered by the company are highly functional and durable. What is a rugged… Read More »


Go Rugged with South Africa’s Leading Supplier of Heavy-Duty Devices

There are several disadvantages of using regular smartphones. Although regular phones are good for mundane operations, they are not suitable for heavy-duty applications. Most smartphones tend to break if they fall from great a height. Ordinary devices are prone to damages, as they are brittle and cannot operate in rough external conditions. Rugged Mobile understands the necessity… Read More »


Shop Extra-tough Devices from the Leading Manufacturer of Rugged Phones in South Africa

Regular smartphones are prone to damages. In case, they slip from the hand, they might crack, break, or stop working entirely, depending on the nature of the fall. Rugged Mobile is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty devices, offering an extensive range of rugged devices. Their rugged handhelds and computers are built with durable… Read More »