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The Wonders of Thermal Label Barcode Printers

South African based company Label Ales specialises in supplying several products for the thermal printing industry. The products they offer are barcode printers and labels. Their services include printer rentals and overprinting of variable information on generic labels. Factories, as well as the food and wine industries, find it a lot more cost-effective to do… Read More »


Label Ales – Thermal Label Barcode Printers Suppliers

Label Ales specialises in supplying many products for the thermal printing industry. The company supplies high-quality printers and ribbons suitable for different purpose. Label Ales offers a large number of products which include barcode printers, different labels and services related to printer rentals. Products offered by Label Ales: Printers: CITIZEN CL – S621: A printer with a hi-lit… Read More »


Label Ales – The Thermal Printing Specialist

Label Ales is a well known name in Cape Town for thermal printing of label barcodes and printers. Their expertise lies in supplying high-quality thermal printers for printing various information on generic labels, barcodes and labels. They are expert brokers and suppliers of thermal label barcode printers known for selecting only the best printers and… Read More »