Bible Verses & Quotes Keyboard Delivers A New Way To Connect You And Your Friends With God

The free iOS® and Android™ compatible keyboard allow users to easily share God’s word from their keyboards.

Verkkostadi Technologies has announced the release of its new app, Bible Verses and Quotes©, a tool that allows users to look up and share Bible verses on any messaging or social app.

For example, as a user is chatting with someone on WhatsApp© and wants to share a Bible verse, they can easily search for it and share it during the chat. Users do not need to know the exact words or verse location; they can simply type in a few keywords into WhatsApp© using the Bible and Verses keyboard, and relevant passages will show up. The user can then select the verse or passage they are looking for. The keyboard works with a wide variety of chat, messaging, and social apps.

The Bible Verses and Quotes© app can be easily integrated with any other platform and application, making it the perfect choice for bible study groups, chats, and social media users.

Bible Verses and Quotes© is available in the App Store® for iPhone or Google Play™ Store for Android™.

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