New Book Series Empowers Kids To Embody Their Power

Once in a great while a new book series comes along that solidifies a permanent spot for itself on the shelves of children’s bedrooms around the world. THE MAGIC IS REAL series from Orlando, Florida’s Tolen Media aims to become next in line to achieve such a lofty position in kids literature.

With three books available in multiple formats (print, e-book and audio) and 23 more on the way, this team ( a SC-born musician/actor turned author and a medical professional from England) is developing a very promising series of watercolor-filled stories in verse that are both entertaining and catchy. Readers have compared the series to “Dr. Seuss books, but more complex.”

The first three titles, “Mimi The Mermaid”, “Jenny Joy” and “Ari Abracadabra”, are available at libraries and most prominent book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and Wal-Mart with other retailers following suit. With a heavy PR campaign under way, Tolen Media hopes to bring the series to life with animated shorts and even an animated movie within the next year or two.

What makes this series unique is that each character possesses a “magical” ability that can be tapped into by anyone, making children aware that they too have the power to overcome similar obstacles in their own lives. The characters are also all based on real life people familiar to the author, such as his daughter Ariel (Ari Abracadabra), his fiancée Michelle (Mimi The Mermaid) and his good friend Jenny (Jenny Joy). The author admonishes everyone he meets to “watch out, because you might end up as a character in one of my books!”

From standing up to bullies to overcoming fear, this wholesome series will supply something to empower just about any child still learning to tap into their personal strengths. The reading level is simple enough for most first graders with sprinkles of trips to the dictionary as the author introduces vocabulary-builders to young readers, making the books interesting to even some young teens.

More information on the series, the author Christopher Conrad Tolen and the illustrator Michalina Raj can be found at or the publisher’s website.

About Tolen Media:
Tolen Media was founded in 2019. Christopher Conrad Tolen, father of three, is the author of fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults. He lives in Florida working as a healer and author, has co-starred in a feature film “Loan Me A Dime” from Midnight Cinema (Chicago) and has spent decades in the music industry as a recording artist (garnering numerous accolades).

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