Be a Guest on Ask Sharifah Videocast


 Company Name:   Ask SharifahCompany Website:   http://www.AskSharifah.comSharifah Hardie, best known as Ask Sharifah ( has done it again. Now no longer satisfied simply hosting an “interview style” radio show, Ms. Hardie has amplified her appeal to her audience by offering “Ask Sharifah Videocast” as recorded video interviews. Viewers can now expect more entertaining discussion, and in-depth conversation with… Read More »

Grandmother Saves Intended Victims From Rental Property Scams Through Fireball Approves


 Company Name:   Fireball ApprovesCompany Website:   http://www.FireballApproves.comFireball Approves Investigations announced today its ingenious new rental verification service, created from the personal experience of founder and grandmother Tammy Sorrento. Tammy Sorrento planned to rent a home for a vacation with her grandchildren in Key West, Florida. She found a property that seemed perfect, but something told her it was… Read More »

General Warning for ALL Christians everywhere


 C A U T I O N According to God’s Rightly Divided Word of truth in its Accuracy, Integrity and Simplicity FREE from religiosity NO MORTAL – (YOU, YOUR FAMILY or FRIENDS Included) can enter Heaven automatically when they pass away in this the Grace Period (circa) 26AD till Christ comes back) regardless of what… Read More »