After six years of its existence, the top dice game with more than 5.000.000 unique users on IOS, Android, Windows and Facebook, celebrates its 6th birthday. The all-time classical board game also well known as Yahtzee, woken up the nostalgic feeling among the players, and refreshed their childhood memories Six years ago, Game.IO released the… Read More »

Unregulated Expansion of Ship Breaking in Nigeria


 Nigeria has vast coastal and marine resources along its south edge. The coastal area of the country is known as one of the highly productive areas of the world. However, this coastal zone is often perceived as a zone of multiple vulnerabilities, environmental destruction and pollution. Manmade Hazards like ship breaking yard has now made… Read More »



 Since 1988, Chua Nigeria Limited has performed hundreds of marine consulting services for different clients across five primary markets, with several years of experience and expertise in the Marine and offshore consultancy services to the oil and gas and maritime industries. Chua Nigeria Limited understands how to best focus personnel and capabilities within specific market… Read More »

Plasma Cut: The Versatile Centre Offering Superior Laser Cutting Services


 Laser cutting is an ingenious technique for cutting heavy and unbreakable materials by applying a beam of high intensity light with precision. Many metal fabrication industries around the world prefer this option because laser cutting provides custom fabrication and cost effective products. When it comes to this particular technology, Plasma Cut stands out as one… Read More »

European Piano Academy: Step into the World of Classical Music with Maestro Illya Zozulya


 The European Piano Academy is a reputed institution in Sydney, Australia, founded by the expert pianist Illya Zozulya with the vision of delivering the best traditions of European and Russian piano schools to the Australian learners. Born in Ukraine, Illya has been a student at the Kharkov Special Secondary Music School for Gifted Children where he… Read More »