Ultimate Hand-Made Jewellery Designers: Kahns Jewellers


 Kahns jewellery and manufacturing is a personalised jewellery shop for high quality and beautiful collections of precious jewellery. They’re famous for their expertise in crafting the most intricately designed jewellery for their customers. The company has a history of showcasing fashion jewellery since 1980 and the owners are proud to have specialised experience in jewellery… Read More »

Uses and Types of Various Fireplace Settings Offered by the Original Flame


 Original Flame has been assisting people in heating their homes and creating a warm gathering for their families. The company specializes in supplying unique, high-quality contemporary fireplaces, stoves and inserts from classic to contemporary fireplace styling. The company is known for both building a new fireplace and updating an old one. The various products and… Read More »

Types and Features of Various Products and Services offered by Label Ales


 Label Ales specialises in supplying various products in the thermal printing industry. These products are mostly barcodes, labels and services like overprinting of variable information on generic labels. It has become more cost-effective to do in-house overprinting, especially in the wine, food and manufacturing industries. Label Ales specialises in supplying the correct printers and ribbons… Read More »

GreenCheese PR enters Bangalore with TheCollegeFever


 Ticketing event startup TheCollegeFever has mandated PR Consultancy GreenCheese to manage public relations and communications. The mandate of the Bangalore based startup will take effect from the month of February. With the account in hand, GreenCheese has ventured into the Bangalore market. Eyeing to grab a slice of Southern India’s startup market, CEO & Founder… Read More »

Country Woods: A Leading Supplier of Timber in Cape Town


 Started as a small enterprise in 2003, Country Woods has witnessed a steady growth in recent years. Specialising in more than 70 species of timber, they clearly rank among the leading suppliers of timber in South Africa. All their timbers are sourced from exotic locations around the world and are sold in bundle or break-bundle… Read More »

Data Entry India: The Leading Offshore Data Entry Service Provider


 Data Entry India is a leading offshore company that provides data entry services to the clients worldwide.  The company delivers both online and offline data entry services to meet the basic requirements of the clients. They specialise in combining business domain knowledge with advanced technology and high-quality methodologies to deliver productive results at an affordable… Read More »

The Ear Depot: The Leading Hearing Clinic to Treat All Your Hearing Problems


 The Ear Depot is a leading Canada-based hearing clinic, well known for providing efficient professional services to the clients.  They provide best treatments for the following ear problems like hearing loss, tinnitus or ear blockages at affordable prices. The services offered by them are discussed below:- 1. Hearing Test The Ear Depot conducts hearing tests… Read More »

Different Types of Lift Equipment Manufactured By BRI-TON LIFTMASTER


 BRI-TON LIFTMASTER is a company specialising in the manufacture and supply of lifting equipment. The company uses updated and modern technology to offer an increasing range of products and services. The services of the BRI-TON Liftmaster have been discussed below: The company exhibits an unparalleled, full-service capability in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, repair and maintenance of… Read More »