HartwellTravelIdeas.com Adds New Travel & Luggage Accessories to Catalog

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21st May 2021 – HartwellTravelIdeas.com is pleased to share that they have updated the catalog with new travel and luggage accessories along with men’s apparel and women’s apparel. The products here start from $2.95 onwards with travel spray bottles, bamboo handle toothbrushes, portable aroma diffuser featured under $5. The store specializes in some very quirky accessories such as the eco-friendly reusable bamboo toothbrush at $7.95. The 2-in-1 600ml water bottle with detachable 7 day pillbox organizer priced at $8.95 never lets people miss their pills.

The no-fuss 3 digit code combination padlock priced at $8.95 comes in a sleek design and keeps the luggage secured during the entire travel. The mini steel vacuum thermos priced at $23.95 holds up to 380ml liquid and is perfect for both hot and cold beverages. The 6 Piece collapsible waterproof laundry suitcase organizer priced at $24.95 keeps the luggage organized and mess-free. Headphones, duffle bags, high waist leggings, pet travel accessories, neck pillows, inflatable mattresses, hoodies, trousers, backpacks and many more are featured here.

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