Double Sided Tape | Wonder Polymers Tape Manufacturing Company

Whether you are bonding similar or different substrates, our double sided tape supply the advantage, conformability, adhesion and aesthetic necessities you want to create your project successfully.

What’s a Double Sided Tape?

A Double Sided tape includes pressure-sensitive adhesive on either side, allowing two parts to be bonded together with the tape between them. A carrier that holds adhesive can include a picture as lean as part of a millimetre till and including thick foam, which can help damp vibrations.

In the same way, adhesives can meet certain needs from low-tack, enabling repositioning all of the ways to permanent bonding solutions.

A Double Sided tape with a carrier might be manufactured together using the same adhesive on either side or using various adhesives to satisfy the bonding requirements of distinct substrates. Our adhesive pros are delighted to use you to ascertain that our 1000s of tapes best meets your requirements.

Double Sided tapes might be customized with means of a converter to supply the complete shape you require for the final style.

Benefits of a Double Sided Tape

Whilst the Qualities of tape households and respective tapes change, Double Sided tapes normally offer the benefits to your manufacturing:

  1. Design Flexibility
  2. Immediate Handing Strength
  3. Bond Dissimilar Material
  4. Faster Assembly Time

Characteristics and Features of Double Sided Foam Tape:-

  1. Sticky on both sides of the tape
  2. Fill openings on uneven surfaces, distributes stress, seals, cushion, dampens vibrations & Reduces the effect
  3. For mounting accessories and spares components in automobiles, refrigerators, static and homes


Double Sided foam tape that’s designed with perfection. Made of Wonder Polymers calibre material, it’s durable character. It includes high strength acrylic adhesive and can be pretty simple to use while they are available in a suitable form. The adhesive plastic foam tape is exceptionally robust and can be funding friendly also.