How to fix the Error 101 in Microsoft Edge

Today, almost anyone can access the World Wide Web. All one Wants is a device with Internet access, a current Internet connection and any type of Internet browser. You can search for just about anything, and whatever you type in the search bar, you’re sure to see an answer on the World Wide Web. However, this technology is incredibly complicated under the surface, which means that many of the unique errors can occur through the procedure to load a requested web page. One of them is the Error 101 error you are having.

If you are getting this particular message, it is important for you to know that you are not alone with Microsoft Edge Virus Alert as it is one of the most frequent errors that users receive.

What does the Error 101 Mean

When you get this error message, it’s because something happened that interrupted your link to the page you expected to see. Since a stable network connection could not be successfully established using the destination website, your browser was unable to open the web page, load the photo or movie you requested. As a consequence of this problem, your link has been uninstalled.

Error 101 could be caused by dozens of items not working properly for a while. Obviously, it is not an expectation that you understand the cause of the problem. So, if you don’t know what’s going on with your own browser and why you can’t open that website, come with us now and master fixing Error 101 error in Microsoft Edge.

5 solutions to fix Error 101 error in Microsoft Edge

If this message appears instead of a site that you are trying to access with your Microsoft Edge browser, there are some recommended methods to solve this dilemma. You can see them on your own screen or in this screenshot as well. In the next guide, we’ll let you download all of these alternatives and suggest a couple more opportunities to get your browser working normally again.

Test Website and Browser

If your internet access is not the cause of the error, and Reloading the web page plus restarting your PC and your router / modem did not help you fix Error 101, you should dismiss the site, browser, and also the gadget you are using as origin of the situation.

Mainly, write the speech from another site in a new tab in Microsoft Edge. If other sites load without problems, then the error has something to do with the host of this site that you tried to get. Usually this means that you cannot repair the problem yourself as it is not caused by your PC. You can try calling the site owner and letting them know about the problem.

Also, try to open the website you want to get using a different browser instead of Microsoft Edge. If starting the website doesn’t lead to the exact same error, you can make sure it’s not a server-side issue, but something to do with Microsoft Edge.

Check your Proxy Server Settings

In the event that you experience the exact same error when opening Other Sites in Microsoft Edge or with another browser, it is possible to come to the decision that something on your computer does not enjoy this website so much that you should avoid it. Among the most frequent causes of this error is that a proxy server was defined in the network configuration and today it is obstructing the installation of the link.

Clear Browser Cache

A browser cache not only stores cookies, passwords, and your search background, it also stores information from web pages that you have previously viewed. It will do this to load your regularly visited sites faster.

You have probably already seen the website you would like to start now, and your browser cache may also contain stale information. This information may interfere with the establishment of a new link to the website and, consequently, the connection attempt ends with the error message that you are visiting in your own browser. To repair this potential problem, you want to clear your browser’s cache, which you can do in a few simple steps.

Temporarily disable your Firewall and Antivirus

In addition to real-time testing and filtering rules that protect your system against unauthorized and illegal access and malicious applications at any time, firewalls and antivirus programs can also block Internet applications or particular IP addresses. In case the site you are trying to access is blocked in this way, you can create Error 101 error. In cases like this, you can try to disable your antivirus or antivirus applications, but only do so if you are absolutely sure that the site website you want to get is reliable and protected. Otherwise, you could expose your system.

If you can enter the website later by disabling your security system or antivirus program, start looking for alternatives to white list the site in your security software and then re-enable them. Another option is to think about installing and using applications.

Publish Winsock Catalog Entries

If nothing has succeeded or changed so far, try removing the catalog entries in Winsock. This program application provides an interface for applications to create connections over TCP / IP on Windows operating systems. Winsock generates entries for recognized connections once and stores them in its catalog. Among those entries may be the reason that prevents you from being able to access the requested web page. You have to reset your Winsock catalog to solve this dilemma.


At this stage, I hope that you can fix the Error 101 error in Microsoft Edge and achieve the website you wanted. If, for whatever reason, nothing has helped, leave us a comment in the area below, and maybe you can get some additional help from others.