Top Quality Ingredients Create Top Quality Vapor


 When making the choice of what to buy, it is important to have all the facts. This is especially true when it comes to things you ingest. If you buy high VG e liquid from Velvet Cloud, you can be sure all of the ingredients that go into your products are wholesome. The recipes are… Read More »

The Best Base with the Best Taste


 If you want the end product of any project to be great, you need to start with good materials. Any person that invests in their craft knows that using the best basic ingredients makes for the best results. This is exactly why Velvet Cloud uses only the highest quality ingredients to create their e juice.… Read More »

Satisfying Tastes That Will Stick With You


 Choosing the right flavors of your favorite e-liquid can be a hassle. You might try out all types of different flavors, only to find that the flavor you like is made by a company that fills their juice with all kinds of chemicals that you definitely do not want in your body. If these are… Read More »