Which are the best secondary schools in Singapore?

That is as tough a question as you will get, because Singapore does have a fair number of excellent secondary schools-arguably some of the best in the world. What makes a school good or great in someone’s eyes varies from person to person. While for some the main attribute might be the secondary school fee charged, for someone else it may be the IB programme that a school offers that is critically important.

It is important to remember that Singapore is a first world country that is quite unique as a  nation in many ways. For one, it is a city state, but an exceedingly wealthy one. The second thing is that it has a multiplicity of ethnicities- Chinese, Indian, Malay and expats from all parts of the world. It is also a global hub of trade and commerce.

What this translates into is the fact that there are people of multiple nationalities that call Singapore home and it therefore follows that the city should have all manner of schools catering to the needs of the children belonging to different communities and nationalities.  A case in point will be the Indian expat community in Singapore who would want their children to study in schools that offer the Indian CBSE curriculum as well as the IB programme. Likewise the Australian and British expat communities would like to send their children to schools in Singapore that offer curricula from back home.

Let us look at some leading Singapore Schools-

 1. Global Indian International School

One of the best known international chains of schools that offers the Global Montessori, CBSE, and the IGCSE curricula. They are the natural first choice of Indian expat parents looking to get their children admission in a great Singapore School. 

 2. Canadian International School

As one might expect they offer the Canadian curriculum, as also the IB programme. They teach students hailing from the age group two to eighteen. While their academic rigour ensures that their students gain the maximum from their studies, they lay sufficient stress on learning languages and fine arts as well as excelling at athletics.

 3. One World International School

They take in students in the age range of three to eight years. The curricula offered by them includes IGCSE, IBDP, PYP and IB. They are quite well regarded for the quality of education provided by them. Their unique approach towards education helps make well groomed and well rounded students equally good at academics and the way that they conduct themselves.

 4. Brighton College Singapore

It takes in students between the ages of eighteen months and 11 years and instructs them according to the English curriculum. The idea behind providing an education to small boys and girls is to improve their intellectual curiosity so that they are fully prepared for an active role in senior school and their adult life.

 5. Rosemount International School

This school was founded in 1999 and provides schooling at the kindergarten and primary levels. Their curriculum is known to develop from an inquiry based philosophy that encourages students to question, find out and communicate via an interdisciplinary and broad based approach to learning-something just right for the age group concerned.

 6. Stamford American International School

As you might imagine this school provides the American curriculum, as well as the IB programme. Students of this school can look  forward to a great future on account of the stellar academic, social and ecologically sensitive nature of the education imparted to them. They truly will grow up to be  the modern global citizens that the world today needs.


Singapore has one of the highest standards of living in the world and is a great place for a child to attend school in. Not just that, it has some of the best universities and institutions of higher learning anywhere in the world. Youngsters who have the opportunity of living there and studying there should definitely make the most out of it.