Wicket Swords Updates Catalog with New Handmade Swords in United States with Customization Options

Samurai Swords and European Swords Hand Forged by Master Swordsmiths

HOUSTON, TEXAS – 21st May 2021 – Wicked Swords is pleased to share that they have updated their product catalog with new designs in handmade swords in United States with customization options. The custom Katana handmade Japanese Samurai Sword can be totally customized starting from $199 onwards. Customers can choose the blade size, blade material, sharpening technique, handle wrap and many other such features according to their likes. A katana is a long and sleek single edged sword which only a Japanese Samurai was permitted to possess. This is not merely a sword as the Japanese society treats their Katana with great importance and admiration. Wicked Swords treats each and every sword with the same amount of respect which can be clearly witnesses in each of their masterpieces – metal meticulously hammered, steel perfectly hardened and the blade impeccably finished.

Each of these blades come with a free engraving (optional) making it the perfect gift. “We got out Viking sword today and we are very happy with it! It is exactly what we were expecting. Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to shopping with you in the future”, says Kaleigh. Wicked Swords also specializes in European styles swords with bestsellers such as the Swept Hilt Rapier at $249, hand forged Gladius Pompeii sword at $249.00, hand forged Viking sword at $369 and the hand forged high carbon steel longsword at $449. The site is currently running FREE SHIPPING for all orders and a money back guarantee in case the customers are not happy with their purchase. Gifting or for decorating the gaming lair, this store has got a sword for any purpose. Visit the site to explore the collection of Japanese Samurai Swords and European swords.

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Wicket Swords based at Houston, Texas is a company that specializes in handmade swords in the United States. They are experts in designing all kinds of swords including Samurai Swords and European Swords.


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