Atlantic Accounting and Taxation Services:A Leading Destination for Accounting and Taxation Services


 Atlantic Accounting and Taxation Services is a renowned agency that has been established in the Table View area, Cape Town. With their clients’turnover reaching R100 million, they specialise in tax and accounting services, providing expert servicestomany corporate clients and individual traders.They are registered with The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)and SARS as a… Read More »

I’m Ollie Flintlock; Nice to Meet You, debuts on


 Greenville, SC, July 18th, 2017: Meet Ollie Flintlock, an eleven year old 5th grader who sees and hears everything amplified. He’s compassionate, curious, and let’s not forget uniquely intelligent. He’s filled with opinions. Always asks questions. Not one day goes by without him letting you in on the latest update of his video game in… Read More »

America’s Only Dedicated Source for Certified Cars Has Relaunched with an All-New Website, the nation’s only official resource dedicated solely to selling certified pre-owned (CPO) cars, has relaunched with a fresh website that is more intuitive and easier to navigate than before. With a host of new features for browsing and researching certified used cars, the relaunch is sure to make any CPO car search easier.… Read More »

Jazz Musician, Composer And Arranger Alberto Pibiri Signs With SRI Jazz


 The talented and popular, Italian musical artist, Alberto Pibiri has signed a long-term contract with veteran Jazz producer, Shelly Liebowitz’s SRI Jazz label. “I am proud to say that Alberto Pibiri is now where he belongs where his talents are recognized, nurtured and promoted, here at SRI Jazz”, stated Liebowitz. Italian musical prodigy, and Internationally… Read More »

Furniture Depot: Your One-Stop Destination for Furnishings


 Furniture Depot, is a relatively new company operating in South Africa that manufactures furnishings for personal, office and commercial use. They have an extensive range of furnishings, designed in-house and consist of a variety of office chairs, tubs seats, stacker chairs, benches and even barstools. They provide quality products which go through rigorous testing procedures… Read More »

Now You Can Apprais-All Your Treasures With This One App!


 I am excited to announce the arrival of our new Apprais-All App. It has been in development and testing for almost 4 months and is now finally available as a free download. Unlike other appraisal apps, our Apprais-All app is the only app that allows you to have any item, personal property, appraised, not just… Read More »

Tooltech: Your One-Stop Destination for Toolmaking


 Tooltech is a renowned company in Cape Town that offers you a wide range of top quality services ranging from product designing, component production, toolmaking to logistics, shrink wrapping, packaging and printing. They strive to satisfy their clients by providing the right services according to their needs. They can be regarded as a one-stop service… Read More »